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​Why You Need Your Organization Membership

Quick Tips

In the 21st century, the rules of business and communication are changing drastically. Associations help professionals embrace these changes by offering resources and support so that the journey can be more prosperous.

1.  Interaction with people in the industry -- Despite the rise in use of email and web technologies for communicating with others, face-to-face interaction is not yet extinct. Associations are strong advocates of technological advancement and serve as a primary link to colleagues, allowing members to put names with faces and keeping in touch with who’s doing what.


2. Sharpen skills -- By attending educational sessions, seminars, conferences, and visiting exhibits, members will stay on top of their professional game. Taking advantage of the association’s educational opportunities helps to update crucial job skills for present and future needs.


3.  Collaboration -- In the information age, exchange of ideas and information and the need to work with others will prove easier with the assistance of associations.


4.  Keep up with new laws and regulations – Associations keep their members attuned to the legislative and regulatory issues affecting their bottom line; monitoring and communicating to their members indicating when it’s time to take action.Frequent updates on industry changes. As change occurs at a faster pace, keeping track of the latest industry techniques and trends is difficult. Through publications, educational sessions, and websites, association members will hear about the newest innovations and pertinent industry information, allowing members to conduct their business more effectively and efficiently.


5.  Certification and standards -- With constant changes occurring in the workplace, standards will continually need updating. Association keep members informed and assist in meeting new and revised industry requirements.


6.  Increased clout -- Associations are a great place for members to build their name and reputation. Being involved in an industry association can help members to stay current and connected.

7.  Save time and money -- When seeking ideas and know-how for a specific project, don’t reinvent the wheel. Associations have the tools and information resources to direct members in the right direction, saving valuable time and money.

8.  Receive quality services -- As the lines begin to blur between customer and member service, associations are focusing on how they can provide top-notch assistance. Associations can be counted on for one-stop guidance for members to get the job done.

9.  Find business partners -- As acquisitions and mergers occur at a more frequent pace and strategic alliances and partnerships become the norm, you’ll most likely find a sound business partner through your organization.

10.  Anticipate and prepare for the future -- Associations envision how the industry or profession will look in the coming years. While members are focusing on maintaining daily operations, the association is looking at what’s to come and will provide members with the opportunities. 

*Adapted with permission from American Society of Association Executives.

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