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Leadership Tools

Articles, Tips and Checklists to Help Leaders Succeed

Running a Meeting – Respect the gift of time your volunteers give—maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Get Leaders Off to a Great Start

  • What’s a New Committee Chair to Do

  • Simple Parliamentary Procedures

  • A Successful Meeting Begins With An Agenda


Inspiring and Being Inspired – Make leadership your opportunity for personal growth.

  • Living and Leading in Shades of Gray

  • Why You Need Your Membership

  • Change

  • Care & Keeping of Members

  • Leadership Makes a Difference


Planning An Event – Hosting an event can be creative, fun and profitable!

  • Event Planning Schedule

  • Evaluation Form

  • Supplies Checklist

  • Facility Contract Checklist

  • How To Host a Golf Event

  • How to Get the Most Out of Conference Attendance


Board Business – Ever heard of “fiduciary responsibility?” The IRS has, and an officer of a not-for-profit should too.

  • Board Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Working with the Board

  • Sample Agenda for Board Orientation

  • Who Does What

  • Building Board Efficiency

  • Leadership Training Needs Assessment





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